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Explorations Series

is an abstract multi-media series that explores memories and the complexity of the emotions that result.

Many of these pieces contain intensely personal memories and feature abstract, organic forms that draw upon imagery of both wilderness and urban settings. These are combined with my love for graffiti influences to express my deep connection to music and the emotions it unlocks.

This series is currently on exhibition at the Paris Bohemian Gallery in Paris, Ontario in Canada from September 15th – December 20th, 2021.

Formations Series

As you know, I draw a lot of my inspiration from the natural world and one of the places I feel most like myself is in, and around, the waters of Georgian Bay near Parry Sound in Ontario, Canada.

This series is a chance for me to play with soothing shapes and vibrant colours. It’s love letter to the forces at work that create the beautiful and ancient rock formations which house the lakes, streams, riverbeds and quarries surrounding us.

Past Works

Past works that have already found their permanent homes thanks to my lovely clients. <3